Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wow lots of hitpoint from Google

After I have posted Shooting Eggs Production videos on my blog since yesterday, my blog's hitpoint increase drastically. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog. Also thanks a lot for Shooting Eggs Production for sharing their videos.

Most of the visitors likes to watch Shooting Eggs Production's videos and also those home made bomb videos, and home made rockets videos, which make me very happy and also a bit worry.

May be just my imagination. This afternoon around 2 20pm when I reached the bus interchange near my place, I saw an late 40s ,not very fat, Indian guy, holding a big camera, with a huge zoomlence, standing infront of the tickets counter about 20m infront of me. I am not sure whose photos he is taking. When I walk near him, he started to turn around and walked away. So I walked a bit faster and look at the id card that he hang at his waist. There is a police logo, with words, "Police Security", which I am not sure what it means.

Hopefully my blogs didn't offence any of the local security ministry. All the posts on my blogs are for information purposes only. If any local security bodies, agency or ministry think that it is unappropriate, please post a comment under my latest posts, to request all the unappropriate post to be removed.

And hope all the visitors will use the information wisely for the good and benefit of man kind and all the creatures on this earth and outside the earth.

As I always say, Do no evil, Cultivate good, and Purify our own minds.

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