Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hologram 3D Projection - Virgin Digital Launch 2005

Not sure if this technology is really as impressive as it is shown on stage?
Have to find out more before can make any comment or conclusion.

Freaky Liquid Metal

Do you still think that "Terminator 2" is just a scifi movie? Spawn armor is only someking of imagination?

Liquid Armour

super conductor

It is not something new, but I think not many people has see these kind of experiment before.

Rubens Tube physics experiment

Mechanical simulation for idea sketch

Cool Computer Program

Coolest Imaging and Social Technology EVER!

A new kind of computer images viewing software, sold to microsoft.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Permenant magnet motor

Magnet Motor - Calloway V Gate : 01

PES Network Inc. > News

looks like it doesn't work. Energy transform from one type of energy into another type of energy, it will not disappear into think air or come out from no where, If I understand and remember the theory correctly... cant really remember whose theory is that. But seems like I am right.

Magnetic Motor Bike

Water Bottle Jet Pack by

How to make paper-throwing star

How to make paper-throwing star



homemade jet engine

DIY T-shirt Folder

Japanese way of folding T-shirts!

Stealth Camoflauge?!

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Japanese amazing robots

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ROBO-ONE 10: Championship Match - Ivre vs. King Kizer

Real Transformer

Robo-One 9: Robot Competition - LAYERED-X

World's First Bionic Man

Sony Revolution, small interactive display units

Japanese Walker

Real Armored Core ChromeHound

Navy's Gun

Goalkeeper CIWS Gun System

76SR-Your solutions to any Naval Problems

KASHTAN-M anti-aircraft anti-missile system

Japan army VS USA China army Video WWII

Japan army VS USA China army Video

Japan army VS USA China army Video II

Republic of China VS japan arms

China's Space Weapons Test

China's Space Weapons Test

Chinese Test Anti-Satellite Weapon

Push the limit..

MTHEL THEL Mobile / Tactical High Energy Laser

Future Weapons Airborne Laser

High power laser

Death Laser - Watch more funny videos here

Guns and weapons

Gattling gun w tracer rounds

Metal Storm ADWS

Full auto shotgun

Granny shooting machine gun!!

Animaris Rhinoceros Transport

Lifter Technology

This is not an anti gravity device. It gain its lifting power by generating ion wind.

LIFTER TECHNOLOGY: Demonstration & Explaination

Hexagon Lifter - Electrogravitic Propulsion

Major De Seversky's Ion-Propelled Aircraft

Lifter Electrogravitic B-2 Flying Wing

UFO Lifter

T.T. Brown Electrogravity Vacuum Experiments

Lifter - Anti Gravity

UFO's Hidden Evidence

Geek Group Lifter Experimentation 2004

Lifter Experiments 2005


Beamship Variation III Full-Power Lift-Off

Anti-Gravity - Real Man Made Stuff

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you can build your own lifter by going to the following website. There are step by step guidelines.

Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature