Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Camel spider

You might think you ok around spiders, but wait untill you get
a look at whats been named the official spider of the Iraq war
(Even though its not even an arachnoid.lol). There are many more...
urban myths circulating about how they are called Camel
Spiders beacause they eat Camels. This is untrue as they are
called Camel Spiders because they live mainly in the desert.
They are extremely fast and aggressive.

The Camel Spider - Watch more funny videos here

The Camel Spider Part II
Some more cool info about the terrifying Camel Spider. See this insanely aggressive creature tear apart 30 fire ants. See the reported effects of a Camel Spider bite on human beings.

The Camel Spider Part II - Funny videos are here

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