Monday, August 13, 2007

Egg production

How it's made
A more detail eggs production process. A very informative video.
Should you get upset by the comments at the end of the video?
Its up to you. That is the facts of life.
If you felt upset then you can watch the videos in the animal rights section.
There are more videos about factory farming.

An egg farms in Estonia

Egg Production in Japan(Sorting)
The worker sort out those broken or dirty eggs from the conveyor belt.

There should be a process of sorting different grade of eggs, according to the weight of each egg, and devide them into differnt grades by the machine. I think the part of the video is missing.

Egg Production in Japan(Packaging)

In this video we saw that the workers puting the eggs into the plastic pakage manually. Last time when I have visited a chicken farm in Singapore about 10 years ago, I saw that company has a fully automated egg production system. The eggs will be sorted according to their weight.

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