Saturday, July 14, 2007

Replace Fuel with Water.

Hydrogen Technology

This above technology by Denny Klein is really going to change the world, because according to this video, the breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen process has high efficiency. Unfortunately he did not reveal how he did it.

I will find out more and keep this thread updated.

Water Car ... Daniel Dingel

It has been 30 years since he first come out of this invention, but until now still have not been mass produce yet. So may be there is still some flaws in it, or may be still have some efficiency problem.
Hope he will be successful in mass produce his invention.
It sound promising, but still need to further confirm this information.

Replace Fuel with Salt Water.

Salt Water into Fuel part 2

We may end the Iraq war and global warming with this technology.
His raidio frequency generator can release oxygen and hydrogen from salt water, burn it and become pure water, absolutely clean fuel.

Although it looks impressive, but we still need to study how much electric energy is needed to produce oxygen and hydrogen that enough to generate a car. Hope this thing works and solve the erth's energy problems.

Japanese Water Car

Not sure if this idea is good enough. It is some kind of steam engine.

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