Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ATM hacking in America

I think this incident was happened during September 2006 in America.

According to the information from the internet, the model of the ATM being hacked is a Tranax Mini-Bank 1500 Series.

The operator manual of 102-page PDF file—which contains master passwords and other sensitive security information about the cash-dispensing machines— that provides a road map to the hack was easily available.

A knowledge base article that mentioned that the ATM is programmed with passwords that can be found in the operator's manual was found on Tranax Technologies' Web site .

If anyone get his or her hand on this manual,basically the ATM can be reconfigure if the default password was not changed. Most probably most of these mini-bank terminals are sitting around with default passwords untouched.

According to a note on the company's Web site, Tranax has shipped 70,000 ATMs, self-service terminals and transactional kiosks around the country. The majority of those shipments are of the flagship Mini-Bank 1500 machine that was rigged in the Virginia Beach heist.

I have just check their website:http://www.tranax.com/products/retail_atm_products/compare.cfm

The information on the Tranax Mini-Bank 1500 Series, no longer available on their website.

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