Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sri Lankan Navy blows up LTTE TERRORIST gun ship

Must see actual footage of LTTE terrorist (No 1 terrorist group banned by over 32 nations) gun ship being blown up by the Sri Lankan Navy off the Sri Lankan sea coast. Quick response by the elite navy forces saved the lives of many innocent Sri Lankan Civilians.

The Sri Lankan Naval patrol units foiled an LTTE terrorist attempt to smuggle a cache of arms and explosives in the seas 185 Nm, off 'Dondra Point'-Matara, on Feb 28 2007, morning. SL Navy fired warnings shots in the air to halt the terrorist gun ship however the ltte retaliated by firing motars at the SL Navy. The Navy forces of the Socialist Democratic Rebublic of Sri Lanka had no choice but to fight back and destroy the terrorist ship completely. SL Navy recovered lethal weapons, 122 mm shells, T56 Magazines, motars, gernandes, suicide jackets, AK 47s, T56s, land mines and much more on the ltte terrorist gun ship

Fishermen in the area said that they heard two large explosions from the above mentioned area, as they were making towards the land.

The vessel sailing in deep seas around 185 nautical miles off 'Dondra Point' without a flag was detected by the Navy around 04.30 a.m. Feb/28/2007. The ship had completely ignored the warning shots fired by the Navy patrol craft to stop. Instead the vessel had opened motar fire towards the Naval units. Subsequently the Navy retaliated with gun fire at the suspected vessel at about 08.30 a.m.

It is now confirmed that the vessel had illegally carried weapons and ammunition for the LTTE terrorist. The LTTE's continuous attempts to acquire weapons and ammunition during the past failed due to measures taken by foreign countries. This incident is a clear indication that the LTTE has not stopped their attempts in procuring arms and ammunition to continue their terrorist activities to kill innocent Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim civilians of Sri Lanka.

The sinking of this vessel comes at a time when the LTTE has suffered humiliating defeats against the Security Forces and also been condemed for assasination attempt on foreign diplomats.

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