Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lifter Technology

This is not an anti gravity device. It gain its lifting power by generating ion wind.

LIFTER TECHNOLOGY: Demonstration & Explaination

Hexagon Lifter - Electrogravitic Propulsion

Major De Seversky's Ion-Propelled Aircraft

Lifter Electrogravitic B-2 Flying Wing

UFO Lifter

T.T. Brown Electrogravity Vacuum Experiments

Lifter - Anti Gravity

UFO's Hidden Evidence

Geek Group Lifter Experimentation 2004

Lifter Experiments 2005


Beamship Variation III Full-Power Lift-Off

Anti-Gravity - Real Man Made Stuff

Related Websites:

you can build your own lifter by going to the following website. There are step by step guidelines.



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